Eric and Rebekah Thomure: missionaries to USC

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posted: Dec 6, 2012

Every year Chi Alpha at UCLA puts on a huge Thanksgiving dinner for the international students in our community.  This year was no different!  Thanksgiving is a pretty unique holiday that is not celebrated in most of the world.  Therefore, most international students have never celebrated Thanksgiving or have a clue what it is about.  Nor have they experienced the tryptophan coma that is customary in America!  This year over 100 people gathered for turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole, and tons of laughing!  It was great fun and was a huge blessing to get to know these wonderful students from all over the world!

Prayer Requests

  1. 10 new financial supporters
  2. Platforms to share the vision
  3. Two new team members for the Fall launch
  4. Safe travels over the holidays
  5. World Mission Summit in Ft. Worth